Information for poster presenters

Sites for poster sessions are named and located as follows:

P1A Tent A behind the Lecture Hall Center (Exhibition Tent)
P2/EG Lecture Hall Center (HSZ): groundfloor, Foyer
P2/1OG Lecture Hall Center (HSZ): 1st floor, hallway
P2/2OG Lecture Hall Center (HSZ): 2nd floor, hallway
P2/3OG Lecture Hall Center (HSZ): 3rd floor, hallway
P2/4OG Lecture Hall Center (HSZ): 4th floor, hallway
P3 Chemiegebäude (Chemistry Building (CHE)): foyer

Posters must fit within a rectangle 85 cm wide and 120 cm high (DIN A0), portrait format!

The poster boards will be marked with the number according to the scientific programme. Authors are asked to mount their poster when the poster board is prepared with the corresponding poster number. Usually this will be arranged in the morning, or one hour before the session when there are several poster sessions per day. Each poster should display the number according to the scientific programme.

For the mounting of the poster please use the prepared “power strips” at the poster frame or contact the available student staff. Please make sure to use only power strips for mounting the poster (residue-free removing).

The presenting authors should be at hand for discussion at their poster during at least half of the poster session and should note this time at the poster.

The posters have to be removed after the session. Any posters remaining on display walls will be removed and disposed without requesting your permission.

The conference management accepts no liability for the posters.